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Real estate appraisals completed and delivered in 24 hours, is accomplished by our certified real estate appraisers in Ct. using state of the art computer system, digital cameras and digital signatures. Hard copies are electronically delivered over the Internet (E.D.I.) to your home or office. All certified real estate appraisals are performed by our staff of certified real estate appraisers in Connecticut. ABC's staff of certified real estate appraisers have appraised approx. 80,000 homes in the State of Connecticut. Daily status up-dates are available on all orders.

     ABC has been serving the state of Connecticut for over 35 years, providing accurate, factual   and timely appraisals by state certified real estate appraisers. 

A real estate appraisal report containing as much information as possible will be prepared by a certified real estate appraiser a description of the materials used, number of rooms, condition and style (colonial, ranch, cape, etc). The real estate appraisal report will also include a description of the site and neighborhood with positive conditions like proximity to shopping, school and employment or negative conditions like excess traffic, highway noise and nearby commercial property. When all the approaches to value are completed a weighted conclusion of value is determined by a state certified real estate appraiser The real estate appraisal report is than sent over the Internet or mailed to the client usually with in 24 hours after inspection.

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