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                            The purpose of a repair is to correct deficiencies which may affect the
                                                            health and safety of the occupants

Roof covering should have 2 years of useful life remaining.  FHA guidelines will accept a maximum of 3 layers of existing roofing. If more that 2 layers exist and repair is necessary, then all old roofing must be removed as part of the re-roofing.

All Broken Windows should be replaced.

Damaged, insufficient or inoperable plumbing, electric and heating/cooling systems should be serviced or
repaired. Also, check under sinks for leaks. One small water leak can cause significant damage if it goes
undetected for some time.

Foundation or Structural problems must be repaired if necessary. If substantial exterior and interior cracks, as well as, un-level floors are observed, a foundation inspection should be obtained prior to the appraisal. This will help the appraiser in determining the severity of any foundation movement. 

Infestation of any kind should be exterminated (i.e., insects, termites, mice, etc).  Termite inspections are
mandatory in the state of Texas for FHA/HUD loans on structures which are ground level and/or wood is
touching the ground.

If there is a crawl space, it will be the homeowner's responsibility to make this area accessible so that it can be thoroughly inspected.

Floor Coverings must be intact and not excessively soiled or stained.

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