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                          Recent Economic Conditions Have Caused a Increase In Bank Foreclosures.

The biggest reason investors lose money on a bank foreclosures is because they do not know how  to determine market value on property. An appraisal is an extremely helpful tool to use in making an informed decision when buying a home.    

real estate appraiser ct                                What a lender needs to know!                                                              
The lender needs to know the equity remaining in the property, any needed repairs and the cost to cure.
They also need to estimate the approximant time the property needs to obtain a fair market sale. If the
dwelling is being foreclosed the lender may require court testimony.

real estate appraiser in ct
                  What a buyer/investor needs to know!                                     

The buyer/investor needs to know how this property compares with other similar properties that have sold
in the neighborhood. The current real estate market trends, road changes or new commercial construction and what impact they would have on the property.

When you select ABC, you are choosing a real estate appraisal company with a history of over 35 year of professional, competent  and impeccable performance. You will be serviced by the best in the field with a professional staff, experienced in the complexities of Connecticut. And if it makes it easier for you, we will bill your company or collect the fee at the door. Contact us for all your appraisal questions and needs.

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