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ABC Appraisal Inc. has been appraising all types of residential properties in Connecticut for over 35 years, providing accurate, factual and timely real estate appraisals by certified real estate appraisers.

                                     real estate appraiser in Connecticut

Our expertly trained staff of full time state certified/licensed real estate appraisers is familiar with the complexities of the State and qualified to handle all your real  estate appraisal request expediently and professionally. We perform all types of residential real estate appraisals single family, multi-family, condominium, drive by, desk reviews, field reviews, land, quality control, FHA/HUD, estate and divorce real estate appraisals. Minimizing problems on the secondary market. 

When you select ABC, you are choosing a real estate appraisal company with a history of over 35 year of professional competent  and impeccable performance. You will be serviced by the best in the field with a professional staff, experienced in the complexities of Connecticut. And if it makes it  easier for you, we will bill your company Contact us for all your appraisal questions and needs.

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                        Providing Accurate Factual & Timely Appraisals Statewide for over 35 Years

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